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Gird List
  • Cast Iron Frog Garden Hose Holder

    Keep your garden hose tangle-free and organized with this charming frog! Metal holder mounts to the side of your home or garage. This happy frog is happy to help you keep your garden hose from cluttering up your yard. The...

  • P3 Attack Wave Pestrepeller

    The Attack Wave Pestrepeller is an effective user friendly and environmentally safe way to combat rodents. The device produces strong sound pressure in the air attacking the auditory and nervous systems of rodents causing...

  • P3 Molechaser Pest Repeller

    The P3 International P7901 Molechaser makes moles scram by emitting a penetrating sound that sets the rodents' sensitive hearing on edge. Operating in a circular pattern of 100 feet the Molechaser also chases off ground...

  • P3 Solar Animal Chaser

    Say so-long with so-lar! The Sol-Mate Solar Animal Chaser keeps unwelcome cats and dogs away from any protected yard.The wireless unit utilizes the power of the sun and is easily mountable on walls or fences. The state of...

  • P3 Solar Mole & Gopher Chaser

    Covers Up To 7500 Sq Ft (1 and 6 Acre)<li> Safe Around Children & Pets<li> Water-resistant Abs Plastic Housing<li> Attractive Design Blends With Landscape<li> Rodents Are Chased Away...

  • P3 Vibrasonic Molechaser Pest Repeller

    This pest repeller is a state of the art device the most advanced and powerful deterrent available against underground intruders. It works to deter moles gophers voles shrews pocket mice ground squirrels and many other...

  • P3 Vibratech Mole & Gopher Chaser

    chases Away Burrowing Rodents With Powerful Vibrations effective Up To 1 and 3 Acre does Not Affect Pets Convenient Battery Change Cylinder mow-over Design works Well In Sandy & Clay Soils ...

  • P3 Water Meter

    Prevents over-watering the P3 Water Meter features a waterproof durable construction.Prevents Over-watering Easy-to-read LCD Display Calculated Both Single-use & Total Water Consumption Accurately Measures To 1 and 10th Of A...

  • Pyle Armor Shield Home & Garden Equipment Universal Lawn Mower Cover
    $53.99 $38.56

    All-weather Protection Fits Virtually All Brands & Models Protects Lawn Mower Against Rust Dirt & Sun Damage 1-year Warranty Dim: 23"h X 27"w X 75"d

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