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Gird List
  • Dancing Pinwheel Windmill

    The summer breeze will dance in your yard or garden when captured by this gorgeous iron windmill. The spinning petals stand seven feet tall and create a wind-powered spectacle of style. Item weight: 10 lbs. 24 x 10...

  • Dancing Sunflower Windmill

    Wind has never looked so pretty! This artistic iron sunflower windmill stands 7 feet tall and will twirl and spin in the breeze making your garden even more beautiful. Item weight: 11 lbs. 16 x 10 x 84 high. Iron. ...

  • Large Spoon Garden Windmills

    A double-sided windmill for twice the garden delight! When the wind blows both sides of this metal windmill are set in motion one clockwise and the other counterclockwise adding mesmerizing beauty and a touch of whimsy to...

  • Solar Leaf Windmill

    A work of art powered by the sun and by the breeze! This stunning windmill stands 7 feet tall and features long leaves that will twirl and spin in the wind around a solar-powered bulb. Item weight: 9 lbs. 26 x 26 x...

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