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Gird List
  • Himalayan Salt Air Freshener

    As Himalayan Salt chunks warm up (from sun heat car heat etc) it naturally emits negative ions. Negative ions cause harmful air particles to clump together and fall to the floor. This process keeps the air fresh and clean. ...

  • Himalayan Salt Deodorant Bar

    This all-natural Himalayan deodorant bar is chemical free and a great alternative to commercial deodorants! Wet it and use it as a regular deodorant bar. Odor is caused by bacteria and salt kills bacteria. Therefore no...

  • Himalayan Salt Foot Detoxification Blocks In Bag

    Rest your weary feet!  These natural Himalayan Salt Blocks help to cleanse your body in an easy trouble-free and painless way.  A great way to relax and detox after a long day at work. Set of 2 in a cotton bag. ...

  • Himalayan Salt Inhaler

    Named one of the best new products in Alternative Medicine. This salt inhaler is miraculous for those who suffer with respiratory ailments. The salt inhaler is ceramic glazed inside & out. Comes with a storage bag and...

  • Himalayan Salt Therapy Pillow

    This Himalayan salt pillow is just what the doctor ordered! Heated salt pillow is remarkable for easing stiffness in the joints by placing it on the strategic areas of the body. Gradually warm the pillow in microwave to 100...

  • Neti Pot Sinus Washer With Himalayan Salt

    May help give relief from Colds Allergies Sinus Dryness Sinus Infections and Nasal Congestion Package contains Sinus Washer Himalayan Pink Salt (15 uses) Instruction Manual storage bag and measuring spoonA sinus...

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