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Refurbished Computer


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Most of our refurbished computer or Electronics  are  Certified Refurbished. We have Brand name Laptop Refurbished Computer, Laptop and Destop with Affordable price and High Quality.

What will you get from ForbesBazaar Certified Refurbished?

Forbes Bazaar Certified warranty is for 30 days from the time product was received.

• In case the item cannot be fixed, customer will be issued a similar item for replacement.

• Covers labor and parts for all mechanical issues, excluding accidental damage.

• All products tested to ensure 100% functionality.

• Reset to original factory setting.

• Charger included.

• Completely Sanitized.

• Repackaged with ForbesBazaar  box.

Should I buy a refurbished laptop? Before you buy?

Basically, you need to get down in writing exactly what you should expect. The specification details should be written down, but you also want something in writing about the condition of the laptop. And make sure you have a warranty and guarantee that makes it clear who is responsible for the replacement or repair of your laptop if it goes wrong.

Things to consider: if you buy from a bricks-and-mortar store you will have somewhere to take back the laptop if it breaks. But you will have to be quicker about returning it if you don't like the condition when you get it home. Buying online or via phone you can return the device for up to 14days, with no quibbles allowed. If you buy from an individual you must agree between you what are the terms of sale. If someone sells you a laptop 'as seen' you are on dodgy ground if it breaks after a fortnight. As I said at the outset, buying refurbished can get you a better spec, but you are taking more of a risk.

Finally, always use a credit card to make major purchases - you can always pay off the balance immediately so it doesn't cost you any more. Bankers get a bad wrap these days, but if you buy with a credit card and something goes wrong it is the bank's money no yours. They will refund you and chase whoever sold you the laptop for repayment.

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